The next session is fully booked there are spaces on our final session so book now to avoid disappointment Please see detail below of what to expect upon arrival and how and what we will be running. Please note we will not be operating normally and unfortunately not all of our sailors will be able to sail as we re open, we hope it wont be too long until we can welcome everyone back.

Arrival Instructions • Please stand at the designated line and book in at reception. • Please find yourself a seated area it will be marked up for you and will be yours until you leave at the end of the session • Next Please wash / sanitise your hands before selecting your buoyancy aid, try not to touch more than necessary, please keep the buoyancy aid for the length of your visit. • When you have finished with your buoyancy aid please leave it in your seating area so we can clean it after use. • Please take any rubbish home with you after the event • The clubhouse is out of bounds except for the use of the accessible toilets please enter the club house via the side door to gain entrance unless you are suing a wheelchair use the front door and follow sailing club instructions Please maintain social distancing wherever possible at all times please explain to your children that our volunteers are pleased to see them but we cannot high five them etc in the normal manner as much as we would like to. Thank You

Rules for Participants and volunteers Clubhouse General: The Sailing club are introducing a number of controls including one way access to the club through the galley door, wash stations upon entry and exit through the main club door. The changing rooms will also have a one way system operating in the normal door and out through the fire door with limited spaces marked out in the changing area. Sailability Specific Rules: Changing Rooms: Changing rooms should be used only by volunteers if necessary then only do so if there are less than 6 people in there at a time and follow club distancing measures. Visitors are not to use changing rooms unless urgent and the accessible facilities are in use. Toilets: Please use the accessible facilities only taking care to wash hands thoroughly before and after use. Galley Facilities: If a service is being offered, please observe the floor markings to maintain distancing again use the facilities when the fewest people are doing so. Reception Desk: Please stand at the line to exchange your detail with our reception staff, we wont be issuing badges at these sessions. Safety Clothing: Parents / carers will need to help their children, charges to put their own life jackets on, a volunteer will carry out a visual check and be on hand to offer advice on fastening etc Seating Area: Seats will be laid out and spaced, family groups can sit together but please ensure you keep to the designated seating space whilst you wait. Spaces will be marked with yellow cones please remain within those areas whilst you wait. Sailing: Sailing will be allowed in the single handed boats, or the two seater boats, two seaters can only be used by people from the same family group (you cannot sail with a volunteer or a non-family / living in the same household person) We will not be operating the Fat Rat whilst distancing measures are in place. On shore activities: The indoor games and activities will not be available to use at sessions Powerboat trips: We will operate the orange boats only during this time, a volunteer will helm them, and same family members can use these but will be required to sit towards the front of the boat, there will be a maximum of 3 visitors allowed at a time on each boat

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