Do you need someone to tidy up your dinghy plot for you? Book now and leave it to us whilst you enjoy your sailing

Try our new Mowability service!

SHST Mowabililty Service

Standard one off Clean Up

Price: £15.00

Plot maintenance, including mowing the grass, ensuring that the boat is safely tied down, and that the surrounding area is neat and tidy. You will receive email confirmation after it is completed and you can view the pictures online

SHST Mowabililty Service

Annual plot maintenance

Price: £90.00

We will mow and maintain your plot for you, we will cut the grass from march to October, make sure your boat is secure and tied down. We email you when completed and you can view the pictures online 10 cuts, so £9 per cut versus £15 per cut when bought seperately

SHST Mowabililty Service

Only available to Previous annual subscribers 2022 discounted service

Price: £80.00

Plot cut once per month from March to October

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