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We have been providing sailing opportunities for disabled children from our region for many years by holding a special Annual Day for anyone, and regular sailing sessions. Please check our events page for full details.

We provide a safe environment where participants can experience sailing in special dinghies, either sailing alone or with an instructor or other participants. Each session will build upon skills at a rate dictated by each participant.

We aim to encourage participants to become members of the sailing club and take advantage of the trust's equipment as part of their membership. The Trust will look at providing grants to participants to subsidise membership.

We encourage siblings and parents to join in. Our activities fall into three main categories: sailing, powerboats and onshore activities.

We major on sailing and onshore activities, but powerboats play a part in allowing sensory experiences for those who might prefer not to sail, or be unable to sail.

If you are unsure that this is for you please get in touch so we can advise or help you in finding out more. Contact the

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