Staunton Harold Sailability Trust



Louis was going to go ‘Sailability’ at SHST centre. He was nervous, because he had not been on the water before, but he wanted to try something new.


When Louis arrived, he registered at the registration desk beside the flagpole. Louis was asked if he wanted to go powerboating or sailing.


Louis chose to go sailing. He was introduced to a volunteer called Rachel , who was going sailing with Louis. Rachel gave Louis a buoyancy aid and helped him into the boat. She showed him what the different parts of the boat do and let him choose if he wanted to steer or control the sails.


When the safety boat was in position, Louis and Rachel were allowed to set off sailing. The safety boat made sure they didn’t get stuck or go out of the sailing area.


Louis found it so much fun to go sailing. He loved the feeling of going anywhere he wanted to and the sensation of the boat gliding through the water.


When Louis came off the water, he was told how well he did and that he could do his Sailability Certificates if he wanted to. Louis loved the idea of working towards the Bronze certificate.


Louis loved the day so much he wanted to come back for every Sailability session.