Joining Instructions


We hope you will enjoy your time here with our friendly and experienced team.  Should you have any questions about your session please ensure you ask the instructor in charge or phone the centre in advance as all of us are happy to help and advise you.  These notes are to help you with what to bring and wear for your session.

What to Do if Delayed

All of us have experienced unexpected delays getting somewhere so please donít worry about it. We do realise that when driving you cannot use mobile phones so please just get to the centre safely or, if appropriate, stop somewhere safe and phone us. We will do our best to integrate you into the session as seamlessly as possible.

Medications and Conditions

If you have any medical conditions please quietly just let the Instructor in charge know so we can discreetly make appropriate adaptations.

Please note if you have any medication that needs to be close at hand during the session please let the instructor in charge know. We have waterproof bags and containers to keep things dry.

Should you feel unwell at any time during your session, or are too hot or too cold,  then just let the instructor know and we can get you to shore (if on the water).

Food and Drink

If itís an all day session please bring a packed lunch and some drinks with you. Hydration in all sports is important so bring a bottle of water and plenty to drink. Alternatively We do have a galley on site where you can help yourself to hot and cold squash drinks .  There is often a galley service on providing snacks and meals for which there is a charge.  If you are on an adult course you are welcome to go off site for lunch if you wish.  There are pubs and a small shop nearby.  Unfortunately this option is not available to anyone under the age of 16.


As with any water sport activity in the outdoor environment please ensure you wash your hands properly when coming off the water and before consuming any food or drink.


Please wear old clothes (which may get wet) and bring a change of clothes plus a towel and toiletries for showering etc with you. Please do not wear Jeans or cotton clothing for any activity on the water as if they get waterlogged they can be very heavy and will chill you. Man made fibre type clothing is best if you have it.  Shoes must be worn at all times so it is important you bring some shoes that can get wet.  We recommend wet suit boots (with a thick sole) or old trainers.  Please do not bring open toed footwear.  We suggest you bring waterproofs with you if the weather is looking cold, wet or windy.

We have wetsuits and a limited supply of waterproofs available for your use.  We will also provide you with a Personal Flotation Device (Buoyancy aid) and helmet (if appropriate).  Please bring swimwear to wear underneath the wetsuit.

Other Items to Bring

Please also bring sun cream and sunhat if the weather is warm, or a hat and gloves if the weather is cold.


Car parking is freely available at the club it can get a little muddy in places though, if required you can stop outside the club unload wheelchair users etc then move your car to the main car park.

Showers and Toilets

There are showers and toilets available. (Including full disabled access toilet facilities)

If you need the toilet during the session donít be embarrassed or suffer discomfort, let the instructor know Ė we are all human J

Questions During the Session

We all learn differently and at different rates so please ask at any time if you donít understand anything.  Feel free to speak to any of the instructors on site at any time if you need more information about something.


We hope you have an enjoyable session with us.  We are always trying to improve so please fill in one of our feedback forms at the end of the session.

Should you have any issues during your session then please let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can sort things out.  If you donít tell us until later then it is too late for us to resolve the problem!

We look forward to meeting and working with you,

Staunton Harold Sailability Trust